We are a group of Peruvian tech professionals residing and working in Silicon Valley who are committed to have impact in Peru.
Our Story
The Network of Peruvian Professionals working on Technology and Innovation in Silicon Valley - PeruSV (PeruSV.org) was created in December 2015 when Candy Chávez, the General Consul of Peru in San Francisco at that time, had the initiative of bringing together the co-founders Víctor Cadenas, Leonardo Rischmoller, and Rosalva Gallardo. PeruSV was created with the mission of building a community of Peruvian professionals in technology living in the Bay Area and creating a bridge between Silicon Valley and Peru to accelerate the technology knowledge transfer for the benefit of the Peruvian community.
Since its creation, PeruSV has grown from 3 to +400 active members who meet regularly to coordinate activities to build our community and work on projects that get us closer to our goal of establishing a collaboration bridge between Peru and Silicon Valley. PeruSV has hosted multiple groups of students and corporate representatives who visit Silicon Valley to learn about the technology and innovation ecosystem.
PeruSV is the organizer of Techsuyo, the annual conference of professionals working in science, technology, and innovation. Techsuyo first edition was held at Stanford University in California in August 2017. The last 3 editions where held in San Francisco 2021, Miami 2022 and we are actively organizing Techsuyo 2023 in Arequipa, Peru.
PeruSV is currently led by Víctor Cadenas, Victor Laguna, and Rosalva Gallardo, Luis Larco and Bruno Wong.
Team - Perú SV