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The immersion program is tailored for peruvian companies and organizations  that want to accelerate their knowledge transfer process and want to experience the Silicon Valley work culture. During six weeks our teams work together in a relevant project, chosen by the participating company, and the last week is an intensive week of visits and meetings in Silicon Valley. The November 2019 program included the attendance to the TECHSUYO conference at UC Berkeley.


20 hours

of works sessions dedicated to the selected project


11 sessions

for visits and meetings with technology experts in Silicon Valley


2 days

of networking and participation at TECHSUYO conference @ UC Berkeley

Immersion impact:

We are already implementing some changes in our company, prioritizing processes that allow us to focus more on product development and team collaboration. The whole organization is commited to move forward on this journey.

Research and Development Manager

David Pacheco


RESY, a startup member of UCAL Innovation Hub, had a very valuable experience participating in this immersion program. The team gained new perspectives for their product design, new alternatives for tech solutions and business model.

Marco Vidal

Innovation Hub Director


During the immersion, it became clear the relevance of data and the importance of identifying key metrics. With this insight, we have started to implement A/B testing and to define key performance indicators for our initiatives. This will be very useful when developing  our own virtual assistants platform.

Luis Sakihama

Innovation and Labs Manager

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