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Loreto is one of the most affected regions by COVID-19 in Peru. According to reports by the Ministerio de Salud, 21% of the samples taken in that region were positive. Iquitos, the capital of this department, has no land connection with the rest of the country and can only be reached by air to provide assistance and help. Many patients who required oxygen for their treatment have died. Doctors and nurses, as the front line of care, have been infected with the virus and are being transferred to Lima to receive treatment.

In response to the health system crisis in Iquitos, Father Raymond Portelli has started a fundraising campaign to support patients and health care providers. The funds raised are going to be used to provide this city with an oxygen plant and to purchase urgently needed protective materials, mechanical fans, and medications.

If we manage to save even one single life, the efforts will be entirely justified. The collected funds will be given to the beneficiaries by one member of the PeruSV community.


"I am grateful for your support to the people in Iquitos"

Father Raymond Portelli

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